Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What Are Overtime Class Actions?

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A class action suit is a type of lawsuit in which the claims and rights of many people are decided in a single case. Specific plaintiffs are named in the class action lawsuit to assert the claims of the entire class so that everyone with the same complaint or injury doesn't have to file their own separate lawsuit.

Class action litigation is one of the most widely talked about topics in the law. And, it's no wonder why. The power of class action lawsuits allow ordinary people to stand up and challenge the largest companies in the world.

There are four primary types of class action lawsuits: consumer class actions, securities class actions, products liability class actions and employment class actions. Overtime pay class action lawsuits fall within the latter category, which also include lawsuits brought on behalf of employees of large companies for claims ranging from systematic workplace discrimination, pension and employee benefit violations, to minimum wage and overtime pay violations.

-Report Unpaid Overtime-

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